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In today's world, residential interiors tend to have a greater emphasis on decorative purposes compared to commercial interiors. When considering a residential interior, various key components come into play, including furniture, floor finishes, curtains and blinds, ceiling finishes, wall finishes, wall hangings, and ornaments. Whether it's transforming an existing space or designing a new one, there are distinct differences in the process and approach between interior decorating and interior design. It is important to note that both interior decorators and interior designers exist within the global and Sri Lankan design communities.


The major distinction between interior design and interior decorating lies in their level of complexity and technicality. Interior design involves a more intricate and technical approach compared to interior decorating. Interior designers delve into the intricacies of space planning, building anthropometrics, human ergonomic standards, visual effects, color combinations, lighting techniques, branding, textures, furniture designs, and detailed specifications. Their role encompasses considerations of the client's lifestyle, climate, religious status, building details, and ventilation, in addition to aesthetics. On the other hand, interior decorating primarily focuses on enhancing the aesthetics of a space through the selection and arrangement of furniture, decorative items, and other interior elements.


In the world and Sri Lankan design community, both interior decorators and interior designers play significant roles in shaping the interiors of residential spaces, each offering their unique expertise and approach to meet the needs and preferences of clients.


Interior decorator


Interior decoration involves enhancing the aesthetics of an enclosed space by carefully selecting and arranging furniture and decorative items. In Sri Lanka, interior decorators play a crucial role in transforming existing residential spaces using readily available products from the market. Their expertise lies in creatively arranging furniture items, storage cupboards, decorative items, ornaments, wall hangings, floor finishes, rugs, flower decorations, and more to create a cohesive and visually appealing theme.


Unlike the technical and intricate nature of interior design work, interior decoration does not involve structural modifications or major technical aspects. Instead, interior decorators focus on utilizing the available resources within a low budget to deliver a final outcome that satisfies the client's aesthetic preferences. By skillfully arranging and coordinating the various elements, an interior decorator can breathe new life into a space without the need for extensive modifications or transforming it into a completely different theme.


Interior designer


Interior designers possess a unique blend of technical expertise and innovative thinking. Unlike decorators, their focus extends beyond aesthetics to encompass various aspects such as space planning, building anthropometrics, human ergonomic standards, visual effects, color combinations, color effects, lighting techniques and effects, branding, textures, furniture designs, detailed specifications, and customized designs. Moreover, designers must consider the client's lifestyle, climate, religious status, building details, ventilations, and current trends, in addition to simply decorating a space.


The responsibilities of an interior designer are more complex and experimental compared to those of a decorator. They face the challenge of meticulously planning a space while adhering to ergonomic standards, taking into account the client's lifestyle, and customizing their needs, all while maintaining ethical quality. The role of an interior designer also involves constantly exploring new samples, learning from any errors encountered, and striving to develop a more comprehensive and refined final output.

Sudarshana Ranabahu

Founder & Interior design consultant

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