Apartment interior at Capital Heights Rajagiriya

Project : Luxury Apartment Interior
Client : Nimendra Vithanage 
Site : Capital Heights Apartment, Rajagiriya, Sri Lanka
Interior design consultant : Sudarshana Ranabahu
Interior Design : Kalota Topical Inspirations

Luxury Apartment Design for a Two Bedroom Apartment at Capital Heights, Rajairiya, Sri Lanka

The task at hand was to design a luxurious two-bedroom apartment for a client at Capital Heights, Rajairiya, Sri Lanka. The client wanted a simple, yet modern interior design theme that exudes luxury and comfort. The design was to incorporate timber, shiny marble materials, and high-quality furniture concepts to create a cozy environment.

To meet the client's requirements, we started by creating a design concept that would satisfy the client's needs. Kalota took inspiration from the breathtaking natural beauty of Sri Lanka, the bustling city of Rajairiya, and the client's vision of a luxurious and comfortable living space. We started by incorporating a lot of timber into the design. The warm and rich texture of timber is not only aesthetically pleasing but also adds a cozy and natural feel to the space. The furniture concepts were carefully chosen to match the overall theme. Furniture pieces that were sleek and modern yet comfortable and cozy. The living room had a plush sofa set, a modern coffee table, and a statement rug that tied the whole room together. The bedrooms were fitted with comfortable and luxurious beds, plush pillows, and high-quality linens.

We added some creative touches to the design to make it stand out. The large floor-to-ceiling windows to let in plenty of natural light and provide stunning views of Rajairiya. The walls were decorated with beautiful abstract artworks. This simple, modern luxury interior design theme, incorporating timber, shiny marble materials, and high-quality furniture concepts, created a cozy and comfortable living space that satisfied the client's requirements.

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