Shops & Retail

Retail has been in existence for a mighty long time and it has been evolving constantly. Designing a retail outlet is like telling a story that only your customer can experience. From the moment visitors step into your store to the time they decide to leave, smart interior design decisions make a significant difference in regards to whether you make a sale or not. When we design your outlet, we get into every detail such as your brand ideology, store theme, enticing colors or even the signage display. Similar to love at first sight, retail outlets should catch the attention within the initial few seconds. By adding some quirky elements to the facade of your store, we would tempt your passers to explore the inside of the outlet. A bag counter with sufficient storage space for personal belongings can encourage customers to shop with a sense of security. When prospective customers step into an outlet, they are in transition mode and the ‘Decompression Zone’ is a critical section to exhibit and influence them to move forward based on the store offerings.
With many years of experience, we know that where the eyes go, the feet will follow too. Different flooring, putting a striking and attention-grabbing display at the end of the walkways are tactics to navigate the customers purposefully. Creating a path clockwise or counterclockwise can lead them to walk freely back and forth. In some areas we create visual breaks with signage, special or seasonal displays to encourage impulse purchases while complementing products on display in close proximity. Visibility is the most important in terms of the display of merchandise display, we use spot lights with the highest possible energy standards to highlight the merchandise. To prevent the ‘butt-brush effect’ in aisles and corners of stores, we ensure that your customers have more than adequate personal space to browse your products. Waiting area should comfortably accommodate the entourage that shoppers accompanied. Checkout counter should be located at a natural stopping point. Considering all the factors, we will certainly create a ‘path to purchase’ through an interactive retail design that is a win-win for you and your customers.