Villas & Hotels

Interior design is an essential aspect of any hotel or villa's appeal, and it can have a significant impact on guests' experience. Our team of experts understands this and approaches each project with creativity and attention to detail. We work closely with hotel and villa owners to create beautiful, functional, and innovative spaces that impress guests and increase profitability. Operational efficiency is a crucial consideration in the design process, and we make it our goal to ensure the staff's satisfaction and comfort. We believe that happy employees make for happy guests, and we design with this principle in mind. Our team is well-versed in the latest trends and technologies in the industry, and we use this knowledge to create beautiful and functional spaces that are also efficient and cost-effective.

Kalota create striking first impressions with our lobby designs, which are multi-use spaces for both casual and formal conversations and working on laptops. Our carefully selected furniture delivers comfort and functionality, and our beautiful chandeliers light up the entire space and create a welcoming atmosphere. We also design guest rooms with warmth and comfort in mind, providing a feeling of a "home away from home." No matter how luxurious and technologically advanced the room, we understand that coziness is a major factor in creating a comfortable and relaxing environment for guests.

Modern tourists expect more from their travel experiences, and we help hotel and villa owners meet these expectations. Our designs surprise guests in many ways, including resort bathrooms with spa-like features that invite relaxation and create a luxurious experience. We also create restaurant spaces that are both long-lasting and beautifully designed, taking into consideration ergonomics and comfort for all guests. We strive to turn each venue into a destination in itself, a paradise waiting to be explored.