Apartment interior at Havelock City Melford Tower

Client : Mr. Sanath Surendara

Site : Melford Tower, Havelock City, Colombo

Fabricating : Domain Lanka Interior

Kalota was responsible for designing the interior of a four-bedroom luxury apartment located in Melford Tower, Havelock City, Colombo, for Mr. Sanath Surendra. We developed a unique and elegant design theme that complemented the apartment's special qualities and finishes. Our team incorporated unique furniture and wall textures to enhance the overall aesthetic of the space.

One of the significant challenges we faced was the limited light sources available in the apartment, which required us to find innovative ways to extend the light sources while complying with the apartment's guidelines. Despite these challenges, our team's commitment to delivering a high-quality project that met the client's specific needs and preferences resulted in a final product that exceeded our client's expectations. Mr. Surendra was highly satisfied with the final design, which was both luxurious and practical for everyday living.