Apartment Interior transformation of Edmonton Flats in Narahenpita

Interior transformation of Edmonton Flats in Narahenpita

Client: Mr. Rasika Gunawardhana
Interior design & Fabrication: Kalota Topical Inspirations
Contractor: VLON HOMES Pvt Ltd

The task was to transform a timeworn two bedrooms unit at Edmonton government flats into a contemporary-style apartment. The building was constructed in 2000, and the client requested to modify the place with minimum structural changes. Therefore the whole renovation includes the least demolishes and reconstructions.
We removed the previous pantry that was broken at that time and redesigned it in a user-friendly manner. More space was given for the dining area by replacing the ‘u-shaped’ old pantry counter with a simple straight unit. We made sure to add extra storage space up to the height of the ceiling. The main construction challenge was to renovate the existing bathrooms. Kalota changed its appearance by carefully paying attention to waterproofing and adding new accessories and tiles. The living room was transformed into a more spacious seating area with modern furniture and the correct balance of lighting. We applied colors and wall textures to enhance the contemporary ambiance. The fabrications of the interior were completed under the supervision of Kalota. A special thank goes to the client for providing us with the necessary freedom to design and complete the project.