Apartment Interior transformation of Edmonton Flats in Narahenpita

Project : Apartment interior renovation.
Client: Mr. Rasika Gunawardhana  
Interior design consultant : Sudarshana Ranabahu
Interior design & Fabrication: Kalota Topical Inspirations
Contractor: VLON HOMES Pvt Ltd

Kalota is a premier provider of interior design and renovation services in Colombo, Sri Lanka. We recently completed a project at Edmonton government flats, where we transformed a dated two-bedroom unit into a modern, contemporary-style apartment.
Despite the age of the building, we were able to complete the renovation with minimal structural changes, ensuring the project was completed efficiently and effectively. We started by removing the previous pantry, which had fallen into disrepair, and redesigning the space in a user-friendly manner. We maximized space in the dining area by replacing the old 'u-shaped' pantry counter with a simple, straight unit and adding extra storage space up to the height of the ceiling.
The main challenge of the renovation was renovating the existing bathrooms. Kalota paid careful attention to waterproofing and added new accessories and tiles, transforming the space into a modern, functional area. In the living room, we created a more spacious seating area with modern furniture and the correct balance of lighting. We applied colors and wall textures to enhance the contemporary ambiance.Throughout the project, our team ensured that all fabrications of the interior were completed under careful supervision.
We thank the client for entrusting us with the project and giving us the necessary freedom to design and complete the renovation to the highest standards.If you're looking for a professional apartment renovation in Colombo, Sri Lanka, Kalota is the team to trust.