Mr. Tikiri Bandara's house

Client : Mr. Tikiri Bandara

Location : Narammala

Architect : Archt . Dushmantha Ranabahu

Interior Designer : Kalota Topical Inspirations 

Fabricating : 

Traditional Master Piece...


The design of the property is informed by the traditional Sri Lankan concept of a Walawwa, with two center courtyards, interconnected living, dining and bedroom openings. The concept included the natural ventilated environment giving the architectural richness of Sri Lankan traditional house in a tropical context.


The inspiration of the design came in with an influence of colonial furniture where, the each and every detail of the house has its identity of ancient house and elements. Selected comfortable furniture to the premises includes Guru Putu, Kombu Putu, Wiyan Anda etc … developed by ages suitable for Sri Lankan culture and climate conditions.