Mr. Anjelo's house

Client : Mr. Anjelo
Site : Waththala
Interior Consultant : Sudarshana Ranabahu
Interior designer : Kalota Topical Inspirations 

This residential interior design project beautifully blends tradition and modern contemporary architecture, with the added benefit of working with a client who has a good understanding of both styles and their own unique lifestyle.

Mr. Anjelo, the owner of this beautiful architectural piece located in the heart of Waththala, worked closely with our design team to create a space that reflected his specific vision. The design focused on blending tradition and modernity in a way that would enhance the overall living experience.

The client's preference for bulky furniture with new finishes and experimental details was incorporated into the interior design, which was thoughtfully planned to optimize space. The color palette was also carefully selected by the client, who brought advanced knowledge and a keen eye to the project.

Our team at kalota took great care to ensure that every aspect of this project was executed to perfection, resulting in a seamless blend of tradition and modern contemporary architecture that exceeded our client's expectations.