Hotel Room at N'Eliya

Client : BGJF Consultancy Services 
Site : N' Eliya Sri Lanka
Furniture Concepts and design : Kalota Topical Inspirations 

The N'Eliya hotel project was designed to evoke the feeling of a European hotel room in a cool climate. The interior was designed with luxury living conditions in mind, incorporating ergonomically designed wardrobes and furniture that followed the colonial furniture concepts. Paneled doors, wooden-cladded walls, a floating bed, ambiance-lighted ceilings, deco-lathed furniture legs, and coat racks showcase the ultimate craftsmanship of minimal colonial period elements. The red tones used throughout the space add warmth to the environment.

BGJF consultancy services was responsible for the project, with well-experienced architect Bernad Gomes serving as the consultant architect. Kalota was tasked with the interior design and modifications for the bedrooms and banquet hall, with guidance from Architect Bernard. The entire theme was based on colonial inspirations and furniture detailing, with a clean white environment. One special design element of the hotel room and banquet hall is the total ceiling covered with clay pots, creating a fabulous and exclusive feeling inside the double height volume of space. The result is a place that enhances the colonial influence and matches the climate and surroundings, creating a truly luxurious experience for guests.