Apartment at Rajagiriya

Project : Compact Apartment Interior 
Client : Mr. Rosairo 
Site : Rajagiriya 
Interior Consultant : Sudarshana Ranabahu
Interior Design : Kalota Interior 

The Project is an apartment located in the bustling area of Rajagiriya, Sri Lanka. Despite its limited space, the design prioritizes the efficient utilization of the available area by incorporating smart space-saving solutions. The apartment features a compact residential design, with the bedrooms and pantry areas designed to maximize space using folding and retracting functions. This allows the residents to have more living space while maintaining the necessary privacy and functionality.

The Medium  twin apartments have a total area of 1500 sqft, making them perfect for individuals, couples, or small families who prefer a modern and minimalist lifestyle. The apartments have been renovated with contemporary timber furniture items and cozy seatings, which provide a sense of comfort and warmth.To maintain a cohesive and contemporary look, the furniture items are clean and simple, with architectural looking materials and textures. The color palette is dominated by a few element colors and white color combinations, creating a bright and airy atmosphere.

This also allows the residents to add their own personal touches through decorations and accessories.Overall, the apartment has a modern and minimalistic feel, perfect for those who value simplicity and functionality. The design is also ideal for individuals who want to live in the city while maintaining their privacy and comfort. With its efficient use of space, contemporary design, and cozy furnishings, this apartment is the perfect home for those looking for a comfortable and stylish urban living experience.