Melbourne Tours Apartments

Project : Apartment interior design & fabricating
Client   : Mr. Sanjaya Indrarathne
Site      : Melbourne Tours Apartments, Moratuwa,
Interior design consultant : Sudarshana Ranabahu
Interior design and Fabricating : Kalota Topical Inspirations

The project involved the complete renovation of a three-bedroom apartment at Malborne Towers, Moratuwa, Sri Lanka, with a stunning sea view from the side. As a beachside apartment, the team had to take extra care with materials and finishes to prevent corrosion due to the salty sea air. Our team at Kalota took on the challenge and designed an interior that was both modern and practical.

The apartment was transformed into a luxurious and inviting space with a clean and minimalist design. We opted for a white and gray color palette, which created a calming atmosphere and emphad the natural beauty of the seaside view. The furniture items and cozy seatings were carefully selected to complement the modern aesthetic of the space. The design team took a creative approach, using unique pieces to add character to the apartment. The living area featured a comfortable L-shaped sofa and a statement coffee table, while the bedrooms were furnished with sleek, modern beds and plush bedding.

In addition to the design, Kalota took on the fabrication of all furniture items, ensuring that the final products were of high quality and met the specific requirements of the project. We paid close attention to every detail, from the selection of materials to the finishes, to ensure that the apartment would stand the test of time.The end result was a stunning beachside apartment that was not only beautiful but also practical and functional. The clean and simple furniture items provided a clutter-free environment, which further highlighted the sea view from the side. The client was extremely satisfied with the outcome, and we are proud to have delivered a project that met all their expectations.