TechCERT Office Interior

Client : Tech CERT
Site : Bernard Business Park, Kohuwala
Interior Consultant :  Sudarshana Ranabahu
Interior Design & Fabricating : Kalota Topical Inspirations

Represented, comfortable, and welcomed…

TechCERT, a company focused on providing high-quality technology solutions, realized the importance of providing a supportive work environment for their employees. They wanted to create a space that would promote productivity and collaboration, while also providing privacy for individuals who needed to focus on their work.To achieve this, TechCERT opted for an open office concept that would allow for easy communication between team members, while also maintaining some level of privacy.

The space was designed to meet the functional requirements of the team, with a focus on creating a peaceful environment for work.One of the key features of the space is the conference room, which was designed to interact intelligently with its users and provide seamless services. The room is equipped with the latest technology, including large TV screens and other audio-visual equipment, to facilitate productive meetings and presentations.The overall design of the space is focused on comfort and collaboration.

The green planting that extends throughout the office creates a natural and calming atmosphere, while table separations in the corridor add a unique design element. The meeting room and monitoring room are considered the "core" of the office, providing a centralized location for important meetings and decision-making.In short, TechCERT's new office space was designed with their employees' needs in mind, providing a comfortable and collaborative environment that promotes productivity and fosters teamwork.