OLEAF Restaurant

Client : Mr. Sandun Jayathilaka
Site : Maharagama, Sri Lanka
Interior Consultant :  Sudarshana Ranabahu
Interior Design : Kalota Topical Inspirations

Isolated green environment in an urban culture…

OLEAF is a restaurant and café located in the bustling urban environment of Maharagama, Sri Lanka, providing a relaxing and peaceful environment for friends and family gatherings. The interior design is centered around a green theme, which brings the customers closer to nature, creating a calm and soothing atmosphere with its earthy and white color palette. The natural vertically planted walls further enhance this atmosphere, providing a refreshing experience for customers who are looking for a healthy and relaxing place to dine.

The restaurant and bakery follow an open kitchen concept, allowing customers to observe the process of food preparation and ensuring the quality of the products. The owner, Mr. Sandun Jayathilake, wanted to provide a unique experience for his customers by showcasing the quality of their service and the natural green concept throughout the establishment, aligning with their corporate color combinations.

In an urban environment where stress is often high, OLEAF provides a much-needed respite, allowing customers to relax and unwind in a green and natural environment while enjoying top-quality food prepared by a qualified chef and staff. OLEAF is the perfect destination for those looking for a place to enjoy good food, chat with friends and family, and rejuvenate their spirits.