lk Domain registry office

Client : lk Domain Registry 
Site : Bernard business park, Kohuwala
Interior Consultant :  Sudarshana Ranabahu
Interior Design & Fabricating : Kalota Topical Inspirations

LK Domain Registry, Sri Lanka, entrusted our team of experienced office interior designers to create a functional and modern workspace that maximizes productivity and efficiency. Our designers strategically planned the layout to make the most of the existing space and assets, incorporating unique features that break the monotony of the traditional office environment.

Our team introduced a playful touch with a pool playroom that features transparent glass walls, adding a fun element to the workday and addressing the need for stress relief. The office's calming neutral palette is complemented by shades of blue, white, and green, evoking a sense of being surrounded by nature.We understand the importance of creating a workspace that promotes collaboration and inclusivity, and our designers incorporated elements that encourage interaction among team members.

The open office environment provides different areas for formal meetings, casual conversations, and relaxation, creating an integrated work environment for diverse individuals.Our team also took care of the fabrication of custom-designed furniture, ensuring that each piece is functional, comfortable, and in line with the overall aesthetic of the office.At our firm, we believe in creating unique and functional workspaces that inspire and promote productivity.