LRAH Lobby

Client : WBTE
Site : lady ridgeway hospital (LRH)
Interior Consultant : Sudarshana Ranabahu
Interior Design&Fabricating : Kalota Topical Inspirations

We aimed to create a child-friendly environment that would engage their minds and put them at ease. The LRAH Children's Lobby at Lady Ridgeway Hospital was designed with the goal of touching the kids' mentality in a creative way. We understood that it could be difficult to keep kids' attention in one place or control them when they have freedom, and it can be even more challenging to calm them down when they are scared.

Our design for the MRI lobby was not just a simple lobby design. It had a special meaning for the kids who had to stay there until their next MRI scan. Many of them were frightened by the equipment and surroundings, so we created an environment to calm their nerves and provide a playful atmosphere. The lobby was filled with attractive wall paintings featuring familiar illustrations and stories. We added playful elements such as beanbags, whiteboards for drawing, and other play materials. The seating was ergonomically designed for both parents and children, with nature-inspired surroundings for the walls, floor, and ceiling decor, featuring attractive pastel color combinations to engage the kids' imagination.