Villa Kumarakom

Client : BGJF Consultancy Services
Site : Kumarakom, India
Interior Concept and 3D Visualizing : Kalota Topical Inspirations 

Traditional Kerala detailing integration villa architecture…

Villa Kumarakom is a beautiful example of a perfect blend between tropical architectural language and traditional Kerala detailing. The architecture is minimalistic, yet it features intricate details that are characteristic of Indian traditional craftsmanship. The villa is located in a serene environment that is in close proximity to nature, with a breathtaking view of the river. The building and interior are made mainly from wood and locally sourced natural materials. The high roof, coupled with natural light, creates a sense of space and freedom. The villa also boasts features such as natural ventilation, open courtyards, light wells, elegant roof detailing, and waterfront-oriented views, making it a truly stunning masterpiece.

BGJF Consultancy Services, a leading Sri Lankan architect, was responsible for designing the Villa Kumarakom, with Bernard Gomez as the consultant. Kalota was engaged to handle the furniture and interior design and detailing. The project was guided by the Kerala architectural theme, and Bernard's extensive experience and knowledge in Indian architectural inspirations and detailing were instrumental in ensuring a quality output that reflects the beauty of Kerala craftsmanship.