Sandamali and Shamal's Residence

Client : Sandamali & Shamal
Site : Waththala, Sri Lanka 
Interior Consultant : Sudarshana Ranabahu
Interior Designer : Kalota Topical Inspirations  

The house had a contemporary modern design concept, but the client wanted to update the outdated interior that had been arranged many years ago. By utilizing new spaces and replacing old elements, the interior was transformed into a more elegant space. Some existing furniture items were kept, with a few modifications made at the client's request. The overall atmosphere was transformed into a modern luxury theme, incorporating fabulous fabric materials, textures, and furniture items.
As part of the completed house interior project, the design team worked closely with the client to understand their vision for the space. They focused on maximizing the use of available space and selecting elements that would complement the existing architecture. The result was a cohesive and stylish interior that truly reflected the client's taste and lifestyle. The team carefully selected luxurious fabrics and textures to add depth and visual interest to the space, while also ensuring that the furniture items were both functional and comfortable. Overall, the completed project perfectly balanced modern design with functionality and comfort, creating a truly stunning interior.