Mr. Hardy's House at Dehiwala

Project : Residential Interior design 
Client : Mr. Hardy 
Site : Malwaththa Road, Dehiwala
Interior Consultant : Sudarshana Ranabahu
Interior designer : Kalota Topical Inspirations 

Mr. Hardy's Residence, a contemporary modern interior project located in the bustling urban area of Dehiwala. Our client, Mr. Hardy, possessed a refined taste and a good understanding of design, and he approached us with a vision to extend his modern house while maintaining a peaceful ambiance.The primary feature of this project is an open courtyard adjacent to the living area, providing a serene and tranquil atmosphere. The client requested a large front garden area and a relaxing hanging bench in the front, along with a simple timber deck and carefully thought-out lighting path to create a welcoming atmosphere in the evenings.Our team implemented timber separations to divide the pantry area and living room, fulfilling the client's specific requests.

Throughout the project, we opted for a mix of white and wood finishes, creating a cohesive and elegant aesthetic. We also incorporated some valuable antique pieces and rustic deco cupboards, along with attractive old gold wall paint textures to add character and charm to the interior.To further enhance the ambiance of the space, we used a light green titanium finish for the courtyard wall, creating a distinctive feature that seamlessly blends with the overall design.Overall, Mr. Hardy's Residence is a stunning example of contemporary modern design, combining functionality with aesthetic appeal. Our team thoroughly enjoyed working on this project and is proud to have delivered an exceptional end result.